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A champion died then Legend was born, see Sandeep Singh's biopic 'Surma' trailer

By Koushik Sarkar on 13 Jun, 2018

The film will be released next month on July 13.

New Delhi: In these days biopic is trending in Bollywood. Sanjay Dutt's biopic 'Sanju' is about to release this month. Meanwhile, the trailer of 'Surma' has been released today. This movie is based on the life of former hockey player Sandeep Singh. You probably will not know about them, but seeing this trailer, you will know how inspiring their life is. In this film, two aspects of his life have been shown. At one time when he was on a wheelchair and the other when he was on the ground to play hockey.

A champion died then Legend was born, see Sandeep Singh's biopic 'Surma' trailer

The film was about to be released with Sanju, but for some reason its release was extended beyond the date of July 13. Perhaps the reason is that the makers felt that Sanjay Dutt is more popular then people will not be able to see the sun. But seeing the trailer, the audience will see curiosity about this film.
What is the story
Sandeep Singh is a Legend hockey player and former captain of the Indian national hockey team. Sandeep is considered one of the world's most dangerous drag-flickers, whose drag speed is 145 kilometer per hour and due to his superb speed, he is known as 'Flickr Singh'.
It has been shown in the trailer that when Sandeep Singh was going to play the World Cup, he got shot in the train. After that, they were paralyzed below the waist and the condition was such that they were told that they would never be able to step on the field of hockey. Even after this, their emotions do not diminish. After the intentions, Sandeep Singh again stands on his feet and plays against Pakistan, in which he wins. These matches are not India versus Pakistan but Sandeep vs Pakistan. This 2-minute 49-second trailer is so great that you will also get curiosity to watch a movie.
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