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Ajay Devgan asks for forgiveness in Kajol's film trailer

By Koushik Sarkar on 06 Aug, 2018

New Delhi: The trailer of the forthcoming film "Helicopter Eela", which will be released on Sunday, was launched on Sunday. After the release of the movie trailer, one such mistake has been reported, due to which actor Ajay Devgan has apologized to the social media. In fact, writer and film maker Varun Grover, sharing a screenshot of the trailer on social media, said that all the work done in the film was given credit, but Swaranand Kirkire has not been given only to Leerix Writer. On this Ajay Devgan has to apologize.

Talking about the tweet of Varun Grover, he wrote, "All the makers in this movie have been credited in the title plate but no credit has been given to the writer Lerix Writer, including Swanand Kirkire. You need to know how we are worthless Shameful "

As soon as Ajay Devgan came to know about this, he immediately responded by apologizing to the social media. Ajay Devgan tweeted, "In the trailer of the helicopter Ella we were mistakenly missing the name of Larsist Swanand Kirkeere and apologize for it. We are doing it right." Please tell that Ajay Devgan is the producer of this film. Well, the thing to see now is that Ajay will release the new trailer after making these changes in Daganan Trailer or in some other way give him credit in the film.

Let us tell you that Anand Gandhi's Gujarati play son Kagado is based on the life of a single mother Ayla. In the film trailer, Kajol seems to have lived full life with his son. But when the same son grows up, at a peak, his mother's love begins to feel suffocated. In the film, Kajol is rolling a singer, she leaves her dreams for her son. But the son who understands the love of love, leaves the son and goes away, then Eela's life changes.

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