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Anushka Sharma feels her decision as the best decision of her life

By Koushik Sarkar on 23 Jul, 2018

New Delhi: Actress Anushka Sharma says that becoming a vegetarian is one of her best decisions. Anushka has been taking vegetarian for the last three and a half years.

She is associated with a new campaign for People's for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, and under this campaign, she says, "I am Anushka Sharma and I am a vegetarian." He said, "Being a vegetarian is one of my best decisions. Now I have more energy, I feel more healthy and I am very happy that no animal will suffer for my food."

Anushka is smiling in front of the camera in this advertisement shot by Majen Abussuroor. In this advertisement, they wear their brand 'Kushash' garment.

PETA India has tagline, "Animals are not for our food." According to Animal rights organization PETA, Anushka has been a vegetarian for last three and a half years. He has been named the Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity of PETA India.

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