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Arjun Kapoor get good character films for women

By Koushik Sarkar on 25 Jun, 2018

Bangkok: Actor Arjun Kapoor, who has acted in films such as 'Ishqazade', '2 States' and 'Kya End K', says that he feels that he has this lucrative movie in which the women had a strong and good character in the films be that. The actor has always talked about the need for gender equality.

Regarding the thoughtful characters that are available to women in the films, Arjun said, "I am lucky and lucky that as an actor, I selected those films in which my co-star was in a strong role with me. I am proud that I Part of which no one's character is cut off. "

He said, "It started seven years ago. If you look at my first film 'Ishqazade' then Parineeti Chopra played an amazing character in it and I have never seen that his character was good or mine ... and I think the audience has never compared the two. "

Arjun Kapoor get good character films for women

Arjun said, "There is even a certain voice of an artist or many other characters and every female character and I thought about it six to seven years ago due to the authors. There are many women writing scripts and women Somewhere in the society, we are giving direction to change. "

During his six-year journey in Hindi films, Arjun has played many roles in films. He has also played a lover, a negative character, and a domestic husband.

Explaining the diversity, he said, "If you are offered various types of films, then you have to choose between them and then others see that 'he is experimenting'. Therefore, he (film) Producer) offers you more offers. 'Mubarakan' from 'Sandeep and Pinky Farrar', 'Hello India', I am working in Rajkumar Gupta's film 'Panipat'. Car of the movies. "

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