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Before the debut, Salman Khan told brother-in-law Aishush, I can do the debate but ...

By Koushik Sarkar on 06 Aug, 2018

New Delhi: Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan Sharma's husband, Aayush Sharma, does not deny that Salman Khan's relationship with superstar Salman Khan has got the film because he got the film but he says that his goal is to himself To prove as a better actor. Aayush, who is married to Salman Khan's sister Arpita in 2014, is going to debut in Bollywood with the romantic film 'Loveratri'. The movie trailer will be released on Monday. Aayush has made it clear that Salman Khan has received considerable support from him for starting film career.

Aayush, in a recent conversation with the media, said, "I am very lucky that I am Salman to take me in the right direction." He said, "He used to do my guidance well, he told me that this is not about your audition number, but it is about how much time has been given and how good it is. I have been with Salman Bhai for four years Taking training, they used to tell me in a special way that, 'Look, I can debate you, but I am scared that when you go in front of the camera, then you only work there.

Talking to this further, Aayush said, "He told me," Remember, the fame of an artist is very good, but when your film does not work well then it is not good because there will be lots of things about you that the film does not last And its actor is not a good actor. " He inspired me to give 100 percent of my first movie. "

Aayush has said that Salman is very helpful, resolved and hard-working. In the mind of Aayush of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, even in the minds of most people, there were biased thoughts. He said, "Everyone thinks that only good face, good body, standing in front of the camera and remembering his dialogue can be made an actor. But when I came on the set, I realized the hard work behind it. I understood that I was not prepared for it. " Let us tell you that in addition to the background of Gujarat's 'Loratriya', in addition Varina Hussain is also in the lead role. Director of the film, Abhijas Minawala is directing for the first time.

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