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Bollywood Vs Hollywood: Dinosaurs Terror in front of 'Black', Kajol is also involved in the war

By Koushik Sarkar on 06 Jun, 2018

Jurassic Park was released in 2015 after 'Jurassic World'. This film has received great love for the audience. The film had a turnover of 1073 crores worldwide.
Mumbai. If there is a sequel in Bollywood, then where are the Hollywood people behind? This year many upcoming Hollywood films are going to be released, whose prequels have been rocking the world. Long-faithful fan followings and trustworthy image at the box office have crumbled the waiting of these films. In India too, the number of seekers of these films is not low. In this case, their release also has a direct impact on Bollywood movies.

The storm that suits the Hollywood sequel has begun with the Avengers Infinity War. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is now releasing the next Jurassic series on June 7. There are millions of fans around the world in this series. Jurassic Park was released in 2015 after 'Jurassic World'. This film has received great love for the audience. The film had a turnover of 1073 crores worldwide. Chris Pratt played the main character in the film directed by Colin Trevor, this film Irfan Khan played the character of Jurassic World Park. 'Fallen Kingdom' has been directed by JA Biyona. The Indian audience is also eagerly waiting for this film.


The film is about to take place in Rajinikanth's film Kalah, which is directed by PA Ranjit, while the bow is a producer. The black background is set in Mumbai. Nana Patekar and Huma Qureshi will also be seen in important roles. Kala will also be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages. That is, it has to face every front from the Fallen Kingdom.


With the Incredibles 2, the superhero family is returning to the screen. This time will see exploits Ilastigrl, while Mr. Incredible will remain to take care of violet and dash home. Will fight a new villain Andermainr, which reflects been shown in Klamaks the Prikwl. The special thing is that Kajol has voiced Elastigirl in the Hindi version. The Incredibles 2 is being released on June 22.


Mission Impossible-Fall Out

Tom Cruise is bringing a tough mission on July 27. The trailer of Mission Impossible Fall Out is shared by Tom in the social media, the next part of this super hit series. Mission Impossible series started in 1996. 'Fallout' is the sixth movie of this series. An incredibly visible mission and the adventurous exploitation of the agent, Eaton Hunt, has been the highlight of this series. Do not ask for action. Tom Cruise is jumping on the inaccessible places and buildings of the world, who get bored after seeing him. This is also the USP of the Mission Impossible Series. Indian artists have been associated with this series too. Anil Kapoor has appeared in a small role in the 2011 Ghost Protocol. Christopher Macwire has directed 'fallout'.

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