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Deepika posted a comment on Ranveer's hair style that she didn't like

By Koushik Sarkar on 25 Jun, 2018

New Delhi: Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, who is known for his extra-heeled dancing, Deepika Padukone for her absurd opinion. Something similar was liked by Deepika, on an intimate picture of Ranveer. Recently, Ranveer Singh posted a childhood picture on Instagram, in which his unique hairstyles have become a subject of discussion among the users.

On this picture of Ranveer, the fans are joking about their shocking hairstyles, while some say that they have been quite creative in terms of fashion since childhood. In such a situation, the reaction of Ranveer's actress Deepika Padukone is very interesting. As soon as Deepika watched these pictures of Ranveer, she immediately reacted to the comment box.


Avant Garde Since 1985

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Deepika's reaction is clear that she did not like this look of Ranveer. Deepika commented on this picture of Ranveer, 'No !!! ..' Not only that, Deepika has also created eye-to-eye emoji with it. Deepika's comments make it clear that she is not liking Ranveer either in this look nor is she looking to see.

Deepika posted a comment on Ranveer's hair style that she did't like

On this comment of Deepika, Kapoor said, "It is clear from Deepika Ranvir's view that she is the first band to reach the Dance Floor in the Birthday Party, which goes from there in the last to the last."

Deepika posted a comment on Ranveer's hair style that she did't like

Arjun Kapoor, who is considered to be Ranvir's best friend along with Deepika, could not even stop his laughter. He wrote in the comment box, 'The master of strict house'. On this comment on Arjun, Ranvir wrote while writing, 'Dadashri's grandfather'. Even after this, the duo's duets did not end in the comment box and joke continued.

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