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Is Priyanka Chopra leaving India? Salman Khan Ignore the question.

By Koushik Sarkar on 07 Aug, 2018

MUMBAI: Prior to launching Salman Khan's big budget film 'India', the controversy over Priyanka Chopra's sudden release of the film has caught a lot of attention. Along with a variety of other things, there were reports that Salman Khan was very upset with Priyanka Chopra and she will never forgive Priyanka for this act of Priyanka.

Although neither Priyanka Chopra has given any clarification on the issue of 'India', neither Salman has made any comment about this.

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In such a case, Salman Khan had a good chance to break his silence on this issue on the occasion of the trailer launch of Debut film 'Loveratri' of his sister Arpita's husband Aayush Sharma, thereby reinforcing rumours.

Is Priyanka Chopra leaving India? Salman Khan Ignore the question.

When ABP News questioned the controversy with Salman Khan, Salman cut the question in the middle and said that this press conference is not about India. A second journalist again wanted to know his side on Priyanka's controversy about India, and Salman again reminded him that he is a press conference of 'Advani' and he will have a separate press conference on 'India'.

Salman Khan, producer of 'Loveratri', was asked if any song would be heard in his voice in the film, then Salman immediately laughed, "Sung in the previous movie, people liked to sing only."

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Well, when ABP News asked Salman what he would like to give advice to Aayush Sharma, who is going to start his career, Salman said that Aayush should reach the set on time, if not shooting then do not live till late night and Focus on your fitness. Salman advised Aayush further, "Zeal should also be maintained, the first film has become, but it is very important to maintain this passion." The combination of passion and experience is the best. "

When Aayush was questioned that after watching the trailer of 'Loveratri', what was his wife Arpita's reaction, seeing Aayusha sitting in front of him said, "Arpita had become quite emotional after watching the film trailer because she started from the beginning Arpita was very excited and also nervous, she was very happy with the fact that the trailer is very good. "

Aayush said that besides Salman, he is the fan of Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan, who have been the fan of all these since childhood and have been taking inspiration from all these. When Aayush was asked what quality of Salman best suits him, Salman said in the middle of the interrogation, "It is better to stay away from all my qualities because they have been married to my sister." On this matter of Salman, Aayush could not stop his laugh.

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Aayush Sharma's Upozit Wariena Hussain is going to debut in 'Loveratri' which is being released on October 5. The film is directed by Abraj Meenavala, who was assistant director in Salman's film 'Sultan'.

Here's the movie 'Lovratri' trailer ...

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