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Mulk Movie Review: Rishi Kapoor's 'Mulk' hits straight on society's disadvantage.

By Koushik Sarkar on 04 Aug, 2018

Director - Anubhav Sinha

Rating - 3.5 stars

Star Cast - Rishi Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu, Rajat Kapoor, Pratik Babbar, Ashutosh Rana, Manoj Pahwa

In the Hindi film industry, such films are rarely made, which leave the long impact on the minds of the people. Experience Sinha's movie 'Mulk' is one of such films. If you talk about the past, then Miss Hansal Mehta's film 'Aligarh'. That movie was narrated in a story about the very sensitive issues that exist in society without noise and drama. Sinha has done some such experience with the country. When you go out of the theatre after watching the movie, your mental state is slightly changed.

Mulk Movie Review: Rishi Kapoor's 'Mulk' hits straight on society's disadvantage.

After watching the film, many questions will arise in your mind, you will also regret some things. Most importantly, you will want to share that feeling and thoughts with someone so that you can reduce the hatred that exists in the society but only a little less. There is a saying that 'gram often grows with gram'. The story of this movie seems to be saying something like that. How the whole family has to suffer a mistake of a person in the house. The film raises many questions, the most important of which is to identify a good patriot with a good patriot Muslim and a terrorist Osama bin Laden's beard. How can we decide who is a patriot? How to prove your patriotism in your own country? The film raises many such questions.


The story of the film is from a Muslim family of Varanasi, whose son goes out on the path of terrorism. In this family, Murad Ali (Rishi Kapoor) and his wife, younger brother Bilal Mohammad (Manoj Pahwa) and his wife, Bilal's son Shahid (Pratik Babbar) and a sister live. But in the fire of jihad, blind Shahid goes on the path of terrorism without thinking about anyone and becomes a victim of a police bullet.

Mulk Movie Review: Rishi Kapoor's 'Mulk' hits straight on society's disadvantage.

But the case does not end here but it starts here. This person, whose name is Shahid (Pratik Babbar), belongs to a family who lives there since 1927 and has a respectable family. The head of this house is Shaad Ali (Rishi Kapoor) who is a lawyer by profession. Rishi Kapoor has a son whose daughter-in-law is Aarti Yani's Taapsee Pannu. Who lives in London anyway but comes to India for Murad's 65th birthday.

After Shahid's death, the entire family comes under suspicion. Meanwhile, an officer of the anti-terror team accused the Danish Jawed family of involvement in terrorist activities. Now there is a challenge to prove yourself innocent before the family. In this difficult watch, most of Murad Ali's Hindu friends, along with even Muslim friends, leave. People in their neighbourhood write slogans like 'go Pakistan' in their home. Those who had come to attend Murad Ali's birthdays a few days ago did not even have to peep at the death of his younger brother Bilal. There are many scenes in the film that will not only force you to think but will also make you emotional.

Mulk Movie Review: Rishi Kapoor's 'Mulk' hits straight on society's disadvantage.


If you talk about the film's direction, then experience Sinha, who has made films like 'Tum Bin' and 'Ra.One', have done a great job. Extra-melody dramas or ruthless and violent scenes have not been shown anywhere in the film. The story of the film is also written by Anubhav Sinha, in which he has taken special care of that there is no objectionable comment on any caste or religion in any scene or dialogue. In the film, neither has any attempt to humiliate any religion, but in every religion, it is said to find humankind.

Mulk Movie Review: Rishi Kapoor's 'Mulk' hits straight on society's disadvantage.


There can be two reasons for seeing any movie; one story is strong and the acting of the other actors is fantastic. Both of these reasons exist in the film. Rishi Kapoor has played the role of a Muslim person on the screen before, but his character is different in this movie. Apart from Rishi, known for its strong characters, Taapsee has done amazing work in the film. There are also two surrendering performances in the film. One, Imbibe Babbar has impressed with his acting in the film, while the other is Manoj Pahwa. Most famous for his comedy roles, Manoj has played a stereo role in this film.

See why

The story of the film is very strong and the actress's work along with the story is worth seeing.

In Bollywood, such films are rarely made which are so precise on wrong thinking in the society.

If you are the fan of Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee, then you should not miss this film at all.

Why do not see

If you want to watch for film entertainment then this movie is not for you. The film talks very sensitive and many serious issues.

If the film is a courtroom drama then you can be a little bored in a two-siege.

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