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On completion of 35 years in Bollywood, Anil Kapoor said, "I am the obedient disciple of cinema.

By Koushik Sarkar on 23 Jun, 2018

Mumbai: Actor Anil Kapoor says that on completion of his 35 years in the Hindi film world, he has completed such a long journey that he has accomplished with a strong intention to revive himself with a disciplined routine and every day.
Actor who started his acting career with South Indian films says that being a disciplined disciple of the film helped him stay relevant in the cinema for three decades. Anil said, "I think this is a combination of selection, luck and family all three. At the right time, the right script and director came to me and I took the right decision. "
He said, "My relationship at home is friendly to everyone, so why do not I go out to know what is right and what is wrong." Anil Kapoor says that he wants to learn more languages ??in the future. , Want to improve their dialogue payoffs and work with new directors. "
Let me tell you that recently Anil appeared with Salman Khan in 'Race 3'. His film is doing a great job at the box office. Anil Kapoor is currently in Bangkok, Thailand, where he has been to join the IIFA Awards.

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