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On the news of Neha Dhupia's pregnancy, Angad came to Bedi, she said, not being tolerant of being a husband

By Koushik Sarkar on 18 Aug, 2018

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia is very busy in Limelight since her marriage. Angad got married secretly in a relationship with Bedi. There were reports that Neha was pregnant due to which she got married in a hurry. Neha has denied this news long ago. For the first time, her husband Angad Bedi broke her silence on the pregnancy of Neha. Recently, during an interview with Angad, Neha's question about pregnancy was questioned, on which her reply has stopped everyone's mouth.

During an interview, Angad said, "We feel that if you are given a platform (social media) that you can interact with anyone, then it should not be misused. If you do insatiable comments, a husband's I cannot tolerate all these things, if you can not say anything good then do not say anything dirty. "

Earlier, Neha, denouncing the news of her pregnancy, told them only a rumour. At the same time, his father was also questioned about this. Neha's father had made it clear that they all wanted to keep this marriage away from the media and Limelite, due to which everything was planned secretly. He said that the marriage was not in haste but with full planning.

Angad spoke openly about Neha's post-marriage changes during the interview. Angad said on his return experiences after marrying Neha, "It is a one day phase and he asks me every day what I will eat in dinner, then I tease him and say that he is just new. Only I want him to always ask me like this. The relation is good with such small things. "

Let's say that Neha and Angad had recently been holidaying in the Maldives. During this time, romantic pictures of their vacancies have shared with their fans on social media. Their pictures were very liked. Let me tell you that Angad and Neha had secretly married on May 10 in a gurdwara in Delhi. In this marriage, only his family and close relatives were involved.

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