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Race 3: See how shot shoots Jacqueline and Daisy Shah's stunts scene, kicks Salman

By Koushik Sarkar on 20 Jun, 2018

New Delhi: Launched in the limelight from the beginning of the film 'Race 3', the movie with the finest star cast. During the shoot before shooting, the pictures coming out of the set of films have taken as much fanfare as the fans. Now after the release of the movie Behind the scenes are coming out on social media, fans who are quite fond of. Recently, a make-up video of this film has appeared on YouTube, in which Jacqueline and Daisy Shah are preparing for their tremendous action fight in the film.
After watching the video, it is clear that Jacqueline and Daisy have worked hard to shoot the fight between the two visible in the film. Both of these videos appear to be very difficult stunt scenes. Let me tell you that there is a scene in the film where the two actresses are called and they start fighting each other. Jacqueline and Daisy have worked hard for the Fight Sequence.

This video shows the whole team of the film, including Salman Khan. Also, they are showing great fun during this time. It is clear in the video that Salman Khan is also helping Jaitakalin and Daisy in this practice. Not only this, Jacqueline is seen kissing Kareena Khan. In this video, Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Director Remo Dasuja are talking about Jacqueline and Daisy Shah's hard Mehtan.
Remo D'Souza is saying, "Jacqueline is very hard, whatever work you get from them. At the same time, Daisy is a dancer, so he got a lot of help during the action sequence. "At the same time, Salman says," Jackie has acted like a lioness. Daisy has worked hard for the film. "

He also said that Daji Shah has worked very hard for this action film with full devotion. "We were filming real action scenes," says Jacqueline. Anil Kapoor has said that he has seen two heroines in the history of films such as stunts and fight for the first time.

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