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Salman Khan gets emotional in 'Dus Ka Dum' after listening to father Salim Khan's message

By Koushik Sarkar on 14 Jun, 2018

Mumbai: 'Father's Day' is coming closer. Those who do not know, tell them that 'Father's Day' is celebrated every year on June 17 of the whole world. You must have also planned this special day for your father. Nonetheless, this happened in the show 'Ten Ka Dum' on the Sony Channel, after which the show host Salman Khan became emotional. During the show, Salman Khan got a message from his father Salim Khan, after seeing Salman's eyes got tired.

After watching the video, you would think that if Salman was at home then he would have hugged his father with a loud throat. Tell you that Salman is very close to his family. He always loves his family. We understand why Salman got emotional after listening to his father's message because recently Salim Khan had to worry about his son Salman's special concern. Let's put a watch video on that video.

See video

Recently there were reports that Salman Khan's life was in danger because a local gangster named Sampath Nehra was planning to kill Salman with the help of Lawrence Bishnoi and a contract killer. On June 6, the culprits of the Haryana Police's Special Task Force (STF) climbed and were arrested.

Speaking about these dangers, Salim Khan told a famous newspaper: "Salman has been given extra security, in any case, a good team of security personnel posted for him has been formed. We are only worried about his (Salman) security, and it is being taken care of. We believe in the Mumbai Police and they are doing their job well. "

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