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Shahrukh Khan is helping in the treatment of Irrfan Khan in London

By Koushik Sarkar on 24 Jun, 2018

Mumbai: Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, does a lot of work and does not allow people to have ears. According to media reports, Shahrukh has helped Irfan Khan, who has been helping to treat his serious illness in London, by giving the key to his house.
It is reported that Irfan Khan expressed his desire to meet Shahrukh before going to London, after which his wife told this story to Shahrukh. Knowing this, Shahrukh reached Irfan's house and stayed with him for about two hours. But before saying goodbye to Irfan, Shahrukh Khan gave him the key to his London house.
In fact, Shahrukh wanted that during the treatment Irrfan and his family stayed there in an environment like his home, so he handed him the key to his house. Let me tell you that Irfan has been a good friend of Shah Rukh. Both of these stars have worked together in the movie 'Billu'.
Recently, Irfan Khan had sent some pictures and a letter from London, in which he talked about all the things about his condition. Explain that Irfan Neurondocrylin is battling cancer.
This is the full letter of Irrfan Khan in Hindi-
This letter of Irrfan has been shared in Hindi by noted Bollywood journalist and film critic Ajay Brahmatam on his blog.
A few months ago I suddenly came to know that I am suffering from neuroendocrine cancer, for the first time I had heard this word. On finding, I found that my word has not been researched much because it is a rare physical substance name Because of this, the uncertainty of its treatment is high.
So far, in my travels, I was walking fast ... I had my plans, aspirations, dreams, and floors. I was growing up in it that suddenly TC had taped on the back, 'Yours The station is coming, please go away. 'I did not understand, nor did my station come right now.'
Get answers' to get off at any other stop, your destination has arrived ...
Shahrukh Khan is helping in the treatment of Irrfan Khan in London
Suddenly you realized that you are flowing on unexpected waves in the unknown ocean like a cave ... ... the misconception of disarming the waves.
I am afraid of this harbinger, sympathy, and fear, I tell my son, 'I want only this state of today ... I do not want to live in this mental state in a state of shuddering, fear, and misery. I need my feet in any aspect, on which I can live and stay in my condition neutral. I want to stand up.
My intention was to, my intention was ...
After a few weeks, I was admitted to a hospital. There is a pain in fear. It was known that it would be a pain, but such a pain ... now the intensity of pain is being understood ... nothing is working. No console or no console The whole process was reduced to that moment of pain ... the pain felt bigger and bigger than God.
The hospital I am recruiting in, there is a balcony in it ... the outside view looks. Coma Ward is right on me. On one side of the road is my hospital and on the other side is Lords Stadium ... there is a smiling poster of Vivian Richards. Mecca of my childhood dreams, seeing her, I did not realize at first glance ... as if the world was never mine.
Shahrukh Khan is helping in the treatment of Irrfan Khan in London
I am in pain.
And then one day it was realized ... like I am not a part of any such thing, which claims to be definite ... no hospital nor no stadium. The remainder which was inside me, it really is the infinite power of law and intelligence The effect was ... my hospital had to be there. The man said ... the only uncertainty is certain.
This feeling made me ready for dedication and trust ... no matter what the outcome, whether it took us anywhere, after eight months from today, or four months from today ... or two years... China got sidelined and then started to dissolve, and then to live with my mind - the account of how to die
For the first time, I realized the word 'freedom' in the right sense! Achievement Achievement
My belief in doing this work became absolute truth. After that, the belief that my faith had penetrated in every cell.
At the moment it will tell whether he will stay or not ... I am feeling this right now.
In this journey people from all over the world ... are praying for me from all the different places and time zones, who are praying for all my blessings, praying, whom I know and those who do not know. I think that their prayers have become one together, a big power ... by becoming a living stream, entering my spine with my spine and sprouting from the skull over the head.
Sprouting it becomes a bud, sometimes a leaf, a twig and sometimes a branch ... I am happy to see them. Every twig, every leaf, every flower stuck out of the collective prayer of people, shows me a new world
There is a feeling that the waves do not have the control of the cork. Just like you are swinging in the cradle!

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