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Suhana Khan, who became the cover girl for VOGUE, came out of the glamorous avatar

By Koushik Sarkar on 01 Aug, 2018

New Delhi: In these days Bollywood stars starred in stars more than their stars. For a long time, these discussions are that Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan's Ladli Suhana Khan can enter the film industry. Also, there are reports that Karan Johar will launch Suhana Khan under his big banner. Well, Suhana Khan's debut is not known yet but Suhana has definitely got his first photoshoot done.

Suhana Khan has debuted on the cover page of Vogue Magazine and it is a special thing that Pappah Shahrukh Khan has launched it. Shahrukh Khan has shared a picture on his twitter on the cover of the cover of the daughter Suhana Khan. Regarding this, he wrote, "He is raising him today again in his hands, thank you Vogue. When it comes to our children, we expect them to give them their love. I am sending a lot of love and hug. Hello Suhana Khan

Mummy Gauri Khan also thanked Vogue India while sharing the picture of Suhana. Suhana Khan has come up with two photos of the photo shoot for Vogue. In a photograph, he is lying on the couch and in the second he is sitting on the couch. At the same time, if you talk about Suhana's expressions, they are looking very generous in both pictures.

Vogue magazine, while sharing the picture of Suhna on her Instagram, wrote, "It is a new century, it is from Suhana Khan." The beauty on the cover of Vogue looks very beautiful and glamorous as always.

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