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VIDEO: Priyanka booked for Nick's complete restaurant, welcome home too!

By Koushik Sarkar on 18 Aug, 2018

Mumbai: American singer Nick Jonas has come back home with actress Priyanka Chopra's family once again. This time he is not alone, but his parents are also coming to meet Priyanka and his family. In such a way, Priyanka's house was decorated very well in the welcome of Nick. These decorative flavours are increasing. After seeing that, it seems as if a big celebration is going to happen in the house. Priyanka, along with Nick and his mom, Papa, that is, on Friday, went on dinner.

At 10 am, at 10 am, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas came out of the house with their family and went to dinner at Juhu's W. Marriott Hotel just 15 minutes away. Meanwhile, Priyanka's mother Madhu Chopra came to see the settlement of the hotel with Siddhartha. Shortly thereafter, Priyanka and Nick reached out to Hatho and reached there. The big thing was that during this time the restaurant of the Marriott was fully booked. Priyanka and Nick have been in limelight for their relationship since last few days.

In such a situation, come to India with the family of Nick and family together with the family. Priyanka's house decoration, the restaurant's complete booking, is clearly pointing to her plan. According to sources, Priyanka and Nick's Punjabi rituals will be held with Rakha Sreemani and then the celebration will be celebrated. However, Priyanka has not made any statement on this so far.

Let me tell you that when Nick Jonas came to Mumbai with his parents on Thursday, he reached Priyanka Chopra to receive him from the airport and the whole family moved towards Priyanka's Juhu bungalow. For quite some time, the film corridor has been leaked from the news of Priyanka's marriage and engagement. While Priyanka has not talked to anyone about this, Nick has confirmed the news of the engagement while acknowledging the fans congratulations.

You had to tell that Nick engaged with Priyanka on the birth anniversary of July 18, according to reports, Priyanka and now completing the formalities between the two families. It is believed that Nick has come to India this time, in such a way that Priyanka plans to make its relation now officially in front.

According to the information so far, Priyanka will soon be engaged in an engagement ceremony between her family and friends of the film world. The second thing is that Nick has come to India for Priyanka. Prior to this, Nick had come to meet Priyanka only to meet his family and friends. Priyanka has already got a lot of time from Nick's family. She went to marry his cousin with Nick. Where both of them had a lot of fun.

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