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Vivek Oberoi did not tell Kiki, 'Kiki Challenge'

By Koushik Sarkar on 03 Aug, 2018

New Delhi: Kiki Challenge is shadowed all over the world. From celebrities, everyone is posting their videos on social media. In this way, many videos are also coming up, in which Kiki Challenge has caused terrible tragedies. On this, Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi has urged everyone not to make 'Kiki Challenge' because it poses a threat to the life of others. Under the Kiki Challenge, people are forced to dance on rapper Drake's song 'In My Feels' by getting off the moving train.

Vivek tweeted, "The video I shared earlier was a fake but the 'Kiki Challenge' is being done by all the people, it is dangerous. Please avoid this because it can learn innocent, think about them Those who love you, your life is precious! Do not tell Kiki. "

The police have issued a high alert against this courageous challenge. So far, many such videos have been watched on social media, in which the challenge is due to horrible incidents. (Agency Input)

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