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Will work hard to keep the crown of 'Miss World' in the country: Anukriti Vaas

By Koushik Sarkar on 21 Jun, 2018

Mumbai: Future of the FBB Colored Femina Miss India 2018 winner, Anukriti Vaas, is now looking for the title of 'Miss World'. Ankita says that he will work hard to keep the title in his country. A 19-year-old college girl from Tamil Nadu was crowned Miss India 2018 last evening. Anukrish Vas said to the media, "I still do not believe. I had been dreaming about for a long time. There was no bad day for me because I never thought of losing or winning. I just wanted to live every moment. I waited to touch this crown every day and now it is with me. "

Anupama further said that they do not have the time to rest because their eyes are still on the crown of Miss World in their own country. Anukriti said, "Manushi Chillar brought that Taj India and I do not want to let it go. Let me tell you that Meenakshi Chaudhary (21) of Haryana and Shreya Rao (23) of Andhra Pradesh stood third in the competition.

Miss India World Uncertainty, working for the education of transgenders, thinks that she is the only mother to raise her, she has learned that all the work is done with a smile. Mukhtar thinks it is challenging to get involved in the protection of a single mother, but she has been moving forward due to her being strong in every situation.

Uncertainty told the media agency on the phone from Mumbai, "My challenges had started from the school because I did not come from any city. I studied at Trichy in Tiruchirapalli, which is not really the city, but I am very strong Because my mother never lets me weak, she used to say, 'You are a strong person, how can you cry?' And this way they inspired me. "

Anukriti said while talking about her mother, "I have never seen her disappointed, she had many problems in front of me, but she never expressed any problems in front of me, that gave me inspiration. Even then, I did not disclose it to any other person, because I feel that a smile gives energy to the front, I have learned this from my mother. "

Anukriti said, "My mother inspired me in every way and she has been a great model." Let me tell you that Anukna's mother Selena works in an IT company. Anukriti is currently studying graduation in the French language from Loyola College, Chennai. She wants to become a businesswoman. He is also a state-level athlete, he wants to become a supermodel. His strong faith in destiny keeps him confident all the time.

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar crowned them at the ceremony Anupama calls herself Tomboy and she likes to ride a bike. But more than that, they are working to educate transgenders. He said, "I am working for the education of transgenders, my friend from the school time was a transgender and his family had left him because of this I had to comprehend this issue. Working with NGOs, I am collaborating with the education of their children. "

Femina Miss India-2011 was held last night in Mumbai, where Bollywood and cricket celebrities appeared in a beautiful and glamorous look on the red carpet. On this occasion, players like KL Rahul, Irfan Pathan and actor Bobby Deol, Kunal Kapoor and Malaika Arora were included in the judge's panel. Filmmaker Karan Johar and actor Ayushman Khurana hosted the competition, while actors Kareena Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandes and Madhuri Dixit performed in the ceremony. Along with this, Kareena Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandes, and Madhuri Dixit did a splendid dance in this beauty contest, while Ayushman Khurana and Karan Johar hosted the show.

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